Ivo Dialupo (b. 1997) is expressing himself at the moment mostly with drawings and paintings.

He drew from the age of 9 years regularly and tried himself out in different materials throughout his life. During the time at drama school he got into drawing with edding and thicker pens and realised his passion for this kind of drawing. Black pen on paper he loves until this day.

How Dialupo defines his art:

‘I call it clouds. Clouds are one of my greatest inspirations. How we can see always something inside it and how it’s slowly or sometimes very fast moves into something else. My other big part of inspiration are atmospheres of different places and of/within humans.

Clouds and atmospheres mixed with my own psychophysiological understanding of this moment of my life creates what you might not be able to explain. But as a friend of mine once said

‚Knowing is anyway overrated‘.

So, please guess and see what you want to see.

Clouds are always passing, so maybe when you return to one of the drawings you might see something else and that’s okay (and maybe life?)’

Ivo Dialupo was born in Munich (DE) , moved to Zurich (CH) when he was 9 years old, with 17 he moved to Brighton (UK) to study acting and drama at City College Brighton & Hove, when he was 19 years old he moved to London (UK) to study European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College. Dialupo returned to Zurich when he was 22 years old where he is as well currently based.